5 creative ideas for leisure activities at home with SPAX

5 creative ideas for leisure activities at home with SPAX

5 creative ideas for leisure activities at home with SPAX 2560 2191 Das Kroko

Plant lovers and hobbyists take note:
Spring is just around the corner and nature is beginning to bloom again – but often this is hardly noticeable in your own home. It is actually quite easy to bring spring fever into your own four walls with trendy DIY projects. We present 5 projects that rely on the sustainable and decorative material wood as well as the unifying quality of SPAX. The combination of warm wood tones with green plants looks refreshing and stylish at the same time. With the screw professional, the practical implementation of the homely ideas is done in no time.

Barefoot on the balcony: Laying wooden floorboards yourself
Beautiful to look at and more pleasant for the feet – than a conventional concrete floor or tiles – is a wooden floorboard on the balcony. This can be laid on any substrate, whereby the structure does not have to be drilled into or damaged. And to ensure that the feeling of well-being lasts as long as possible, it is important to use stainless steel screws, such as the SPAX deck screw, and not to place the wooden substructure directly on the balcony floor. This prevents the wood from lying in water and rotting. Matching the step-by-step instructions of the DIY Academy, there are helpful tips for implementation on the SPAX decking portal.
Kitchen shelf for fresh herbs
To always have the right spices on hand for cooking, a shelf with fresh herbs is a useful and attractive idea at the same time. In addition, it also appeals to the sense of smell – the herbs fill the room with pleasant fragrance. For this project, you can simply shorten a wooden pallet to the desired size and then sand it down. With the help of SPAX T-STAR plus countersunk head universal screws, shelves are now attached from below. Before the wooden construction can finally be mounted to the wall using SPAX dowels (type-SD) and universal screws, the wall must first be pre-drilled for a dowel insert. Already the shelf is ready to be filled with the herb pots.

SPAX DIY flower box for florals
If you want a splendor of flowers on the windowsill as well as a useful pastime, you can assemble your own flower box. The DIY set available in the SPAX Fanshop already contains all the necessary and cut components. Also integrated in the set are SPAX screws in stainless steel A2 and the matching T10 and T15 bits. The enclosed assembly instructions quickly provide an overview of how the individual parts are to be screwed together.
Plant stand made to measure
The following two DIY plant stands are particularly easy as well as inexpensive to build yourself. In addition, the constructions can be adapted to the diameter of the desired planter. For the first idea, a total of six wooden slats, two of which are shorter in length, are needed. To connect the later stand cross, the two shorter strips of the same length are pushed into each other by means of overleafing and thus connected with each other. Then the four remaining wooden battens are to be mounted to the cross using SPAX T-STAR plus countersunk universal screws. Here, the height above the floor can be freely selected.

The second version of the DIY plant stands requires twelve square strips in various lengths as well as SPAX universal screws. First, the eight shorter pieces of wood are screwed together to form two square frames each. These can then be connected with the same SPAX screws and the four longer square strips. A matching pot can now be inserted into the upper frame and attached to the inside of each frame using four SPAX universal screws.