Andreas Neudahm designs new NYX Hotel Warsaw

Andreas Neudahm designs new NYX Hotel Warsaw

Andreas Neudahm designs new NYX Hotel Warsaw 2400 1600 Das Kroko

Mystical, wild, elegant: 
The mysterious, exotic and exciting night is the focus of Andreas Neudahm’s design concept for the NYX Hotels by Leonardo Hotels brand. For the latest addition in Warsaw, the renowned interior designer combines the brand language with accents of Poland’s lively capital. The unique interior, combined with the neo-modern building, creates a bold, modern atmosphere. The hotel is located in the Varso complex, which also includes the Varsow Tower – the tallest building in Central Europe – designed by Sir Norman Foster’s architectural firm “Foster & Partner”. With high-quality furniture, wild animal motifs, urban art and eye-catching patterns, the design by Andreas Neudahm at the NYX Hotel Warsaw invites guests on a journey.

“Place plays a crucial role in my designs, it always serves as a source of inspiration for me with its flair, history, culture and architecture. Warsaw’s non-conformist lifestyle, urban atmosphere and living history harmonise perfectly with the mystical-exotic style of NYX Hotels by Leonardo Hotels. With precisely chosen furniture, materials, colours and shapes, we bring warmth to the interior of the new prestigious building in Warsaw – but not without creating a clear reference to its neo-modern architecture,” says Andreas Neudahm, Interior Designer.

Classicism, Art Deco, neo-modernism, urban art and wild eye-catchers – a completely non-conformist and at the same time consistently harmonious design.
Stylish luxury, modern art and exciting motifs from flora and fauna – in the new NYX Hotel Warsaw, Andreas Neudahm allows different worlds and styles to merge harmoniously. The gold-clad counters and elegant chandeliers at the reception, the floral, gold-framed ornaments at the bar and marble tables and floors are reminiscent of Warsaw’s classicist buildings and evoke Art Deco. With botanical wallpaper in a modern style and golden mirror frames in asymmetrical shapes, Andreas Neudahm creates the perfect bridge in the new house between the representations of the last centuries in which Warsaw’s palaces were built and modernity. The chosen colours complement each other perfectly – the effect of noble (emerald) green and petrol is visually enhanced by metallic gold as a counterpart and lends the rooms a distinguished cosiness. The design is clearly broken up by abstract art and decorative elements that repeatedly play with the night and the wild animal kingdom – brand language of NYX Hotels by Leonardo Hotels. Thus, the reception is adorned with pictures of leopard patterns and in the rooms, larger-than-life art prints of birds of prey impress the guest and let him dive deep into the mysterious nature. The neo-modern artworks on the walls of the corridors, which are by Polish artists, underline the cheeky note of the house.

While the public areas of the Open Lobby with reception and bar emphasise the mystique of the night through their design, the bright room concept of the rooms exudes a cheeky, cosy atmosphere. The light blue feature walls, the cream-coloured bed and the black and white patterned carpets give the rooms a feeling of lightness. With different light sources, Andreas Neudahm provides individually adaptable cosiness.