Berliner Brandstifter

Campaign for 16 years stored grain brandy

Our idea

Berliner Brandstifter is a multi-award-winning producer of premium spirits. The brand has already made a name for itself among connoisseurs with fine gin and vodka distillates. We accompanied the product launch of a very special limited edition: The 16 years stored grain brandy, one of the oldest grain brandies worldwide and used the launch to strengthen the positioning of Berliner Brandstifter as a cult brand for spirits.


In addition to the distribution of a press release, media were individually approached and made aware of Kornbrand as a new trendy spirit. In addition, selected media and influencers received invitations to relaxed home tastings, allowing the compelling product to speak for itself.


Extensive coverage in the most significant lifestyle and trade media as well as presentation of the new product by target group-relevant influencers on social media. Through cross-media publications, we were able to establish Berliner Brandstifter as a cult brand and expert for luxury spirits.