Launch campaigns for Flustix plastic-free trustmarks and recycled trustmark

Our idea

Comprehensive campaign to launch the four “Flustix Plastic-Free” and the “Flustix Recycled” trustmarks. The national communications strategy is aimed at businesses and consumers to raise awareness on the first and only EU-registered trustmark for plastic-free labelling of consumer goods.


BISS PR puts an emphasis on communicating the advantages of an independent third party certification for plastic free products or packaging for companies as well as consumers. Flustix’s strength is their knowledge about ways on how to reduce plastic in various industries. Therefore, BISS PR uses expert interviews as well as case studies to proof the need for independent third party certification. BISS PR implements a target group-oriented approach and positions Flustix as a thought leader on recycling and the topic “plastic-free”. In addition, BISS PR supports Flustix’s initiatives to prevent and reduce plastic waste, e.g. at schools.


Print and online press as well as radio stations and TV channels talk about Flustix in German-speaking and European countries. In addition, sustainable companies, such as the company la marchante GmbH, have become aware of the Recycled trustmark for their oraganic tea- brand and have already certified the first products.