Mandatory masks in shops and public transport

Mandatory masks in shops and public transport

Mandatory masks in shops and public transport 2560 1475 Das Kroko

This reusable alternative to disposable masks is approved and offers a high level of wearing comfort:
Since the federal-state decision at the end of January, only masks that meet certain conditions may be worn in shops as well as public transport. The innovative ISKO Vital™+ brand offers reusable masks that meet these requirements: they comply with the EU standard EN:14683:2019+AC Type 1 and are CE-certified as medical masks. To educate, ISKO Vital™+ is now launching a major campaign and is launching its own edition for Germany. The new collection highlights the fulfilled requirements visible on the mask, so that wearers can quickly prove that their mask meets all standards. Thanks to the breathable organic cotton, it not only offers maximum safety, but also maximum comfort.

Since the German Chancellor’s video conference with the heads of government of the German federal states on January 19, 2021, it has been decided that only masks that meet special requirements may be worn in stores and on public transport. But what many do not know: In addition to the FFP2 masks as well as the commercially available, disposable medical masks, there are also more sustainable alternatives with high wearing comfort that fall under these requirements. The premium masks from textile innovator ISKO Vital™+ have CE certification and meet the required EU standard. They are made of breathable organic cotton and are therefore environmentally friendly, reusable and particularly pleasant on the skin.

“Protecting wearers and others is our top priority. That’s why we launched the ISKO Vital™+ brand at the beginning of the pandemic to provide safe masks that are both comfortable to wear and sustainable. Our team of experts researched and developed until we could meet the highest standards and requirements. With the current regulations, we need to make these certifications and standards visible at first glance, so that it is especially easy for wearers in everyday life,” says Edgar van der Linden, Medical Business Lead of ISKO™, sustainable and forward-looking textile manufacturer. Already since their launch, the premium masks are designed and produced as Type 1 medical masks. They are independently tested and comply with the EU standard for medical face masks. Thus, ISKO Vital™+ has established itself as one of the few manufacturers of fabric masks that offer the highest safety and meet the requirements.

The new edition of premium masks for the German market now shows the “EN14683 CE” label directly on the textile. It initially includes three plain-colored models in M and L, with a discreet yet clearly recognizable print. The new masks are available via the online store – in packs of 5, 10 or 15 – for the equivalent of 3.99 euros per mask.