Positioning as a summer drink 2020

Our idea

Natural, vegan and sustainable – this is becoming increasingly important in the food & beverage sector. The demand is there – and the young generation of the traditional winery Türk has developed just the right product for 2020: JUZZZ, the soft drink without alcohol that is sparkling fresh and, above all, innovative. We strategically planned and communicatively accompanied the product launch of JUZZZ and positioned JUZZZ as Summerdrink Zero Alcohol.

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We fed our broad Food & Beverage network with press releases and individual stories. We paid special attention to the uniqueness of JUZZ: non-alcoholic from the winemaker with regional ingredients. Accompanying the press release, we sent samples to influencers and media representatives who could taste JUZZZ.


The news of JUZZZ fell on curious ears with wine experts and wine media, and the lifestyle media also gladly took up the news. The summer drink convinced both young target groups and lifestyle media and was able to generate a lot of media attention.