Strategic positioning and launch campaign

Our idea

The Power in You – Smart fruit gums for your inner power. Powerbeärs revolutionizes the indulgence from childhood days and makes it available for conscious consumers. Whether fitness enthusiasts, vegans or beauty fans Powerbeärs offers the right fruit gums for everyone through individual booster ingredients and activates inner power. We positioned the brand as experts for maximum enjoyment with added value for body and mind.


Target group-specific media were made aware of Powerbeärs’ new products and wide range of products through press mailings as well as individual theme pitches. In addition, a company blog was set up to focus on Powerbeärs’ expertise and diversity.


Interviews in B2B – media from the food sector and wide-ranging coverage in vegan, sports, men’s, and women’s media. Powerbeärs convinces with taste and variety. In addition, the successful participation in the Good Food Award 2021 of Women’s & Men’s Health was launched and Powerbeärs emerged as the winner of the category best chill-out food.