SPAX makes the workplace at home practical and stylish

SPAX makes the workplace at home practical and stylish

SPAX makes the workplace at home practical and stylish 2560 1489 Das Kroko

home office for success:
Especially at the moment, working from home is becoming more and more normal for many people. To ensure that the change of location continues to allow productive work, a functional and tidy work space should be created that also matches the interior of one’s own four walls. With the products of the screw manufacturer SPAX, the home office solution can be implemented according to one’s own ideas in a creative and simple way.
Shelving and desk combined to save space
A fixed workstation is the basis for a productive work atmosphere. This should ideally be set up in a quiet area of the home, for example in a separate room or an alcove. Especially if there is little space available, it is a good idea to use an existing shelf to create a room divider and work area in one. After selecting a chipboard panel in the desired look, it is first cut to the dimensions that match the shelf. Unattractive, open side edges can be covered quickly and easily with edging. Trapezoidal connecting fittings are then required to connect the desktop to the corpus. The lower parts of the fittings are attached to the inner side walls of the shelf, the upper parts to the underside of the top. SPAX Universal countersunk screw with full thread WIROX A9J and T-STAR plus power grip are suitable for securely mounting the fittings and for attaching height-adjustable desk legs. Detailed instructions for the desk construction as well as for the design of shelf doors and sorting compartments can be found on the DIY Academy website.

Monitor stand with storage compartments
If a fixed desk is available, a wooden support is a good choice on which the laptop or monitor can be placed at a suitable eye level. In addition to an improved sitting position thanks to the raised screen, this home office gadget also provides storage space under the support – for the keyboard or important documents. First, two wooden boards must be cut to the same rectangular dimensions for the top and bottom of the stand. Depending on the number of desired storage compartments, two or more narrow wooden slats are needed – these wooden slats later determine the height of the support. If necessary, the individual parts can be oiled with a wood colour that matches the table before they are screwed together with SPAX Universal countersunk screws with full or partial thread and T-STAR plus power grip to form the finished desk support.

Memoboard and decorative pallet shelf
A simple and decorative way to keep track of things in the home office is to use a memo board at the workplace. This is easy to make using a wooden board, a piece of string and SPAX half-round head screws with full thread and T-STAR plus power grip. After attaching the screws to the edges of the board using a cordless screwdriver, the string is stretched over the board in the desired zig-zag pattern. Now important documents and notes can be collected in one place so that they can be glanced at whenever needed.

Another way to beautify and better organise your own workspace is to use a pallet shelf. This can be cut to the desired size to fit the desk. By using SPAX pan head screws (diameter 6 mm) to screw on boards from below as shelves, a practical and at the same time stylish storage surface is created above the desk. To fix the decorative element to the wall, SPAX universal countersunk screws with partial thread and T-STAR plus power grip and dowels (type-SD) are required, which are also available together in a combi-pack. The wall must always be pre-drilled for the use of dowels.