Beitragsbild Gansloser Distillery

Gansloser Distillery

Pure distillates made to exquisite recipes without the addition of nature-identical substances are the hallmark of the Gansloser distillery, founded in 1905. Gansloser is managed in the fourth generation by Holger J.G. Frey, who is modernizing and expanding the distillery – in 2020 with the alcohol-free BLACK 1905. LINE. The products, which are produced under a newly developed distillation process without alcohol, offer connoisseurs the usual full-bodied and rich taste. In addition, the classic BLACK LINE was revived in the same year with premium gin, also as a Limited Edition Distillers Cut, and premium vodka. New in the range is the BLACK RUM, of unique quality and indescribable clarity, which knows how to convince full-bodied with voluminous body and at the same time delicate aromas.

The company is based in Geislingen an der Steige in Baden-Württemberg.


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