CheWOW shows what the domestic field bean is capable of

CheWOW shows what the domestic field bean is capable of

CheWOW shows what the domestic field bean is capable of 2362 2307 Das Kroko

Long live the domestic field bean:
Young, sexy and quite rebellious – the Bremen-based food start-up CheWOW brings a breath of fresh air to the meat alternatives market and has relied on cheeky communication with a message since the beginning. The latest and courageous campaign points out fundamental structural problems of industrial animal husbandry and focuses on the versatile advantages of the domestic superfood field bean. With dynamic claims such as “Field bean instead of carbon dioxide”, “Field bean instead of antibiotics”, or “Field bean instead of microplastics”, the creative minds of CheWOW not only draw attention to their innovative recipes based on the legume, but also to its positive effects for consumers and nature. An approach that forms a clear contrast to the prevailing food system, whose many shortcomings repeatedly make negative headlines.

Although protein-rich, sustainable and tasty, the field bean was not considered in food recipe development for a long time. But the food revolutionaries from Bremen have rediscovered the bean, which also grows particularly well in our climes, for themselves and developed innovative meat alternatives based on the legume. These include the popular nugg*ts, a tasty las*gne and Vischstäbch*n. The diverse range is also complemented by the spicy Gyr*s based on pumpkin seeds. With the savoury products, CheWOW completely reimagines classic feel-good dishes and makes the agony of choosing between indulgent or healthy food yesterday’s problem. Particularly practical: the sustainable delicacies can also be prepared in a short time in the pan or the oven without much effort. CheWOW thus offers something for everyone who is in the mood for pure plant-based enjoyment and a little variety on the plate – regardless of whether they are vegan, flexitarian or vegetarian.

Not only good in taste, but also particularly sustainable
Field beans actively improve the quality of arable soils and reduce emissions of nitrous oxide, an even more harmful climate killer than CO₂. In addition, the beans for CheWOW come from northern Germany, which thus have short transport distances and also support regional farmers.

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